Regional Initiatives

Coös Coalition for Young Children and Families

The Coos Coalition for Young Children and Families was formed in 2012 to “To promote optimal development for children birth-8 and their families in Coös and surrounding communities.” The Coalition brings key decision makers from health, mental health, family support, Child Care and Head Start as well as School Superintendents to the table to create coordinated and shared strategies for improving outcomes for young children in Coos.

The Coalition has based its work on decades of research which demonstrates that positive early experiences and relationships shape the architecture of the developing brain, providing a sturdy foundation for all the learning and development to follow. This research tells us that an infant’s brain contains 25% of the synapses it will have as an adult brain. Most thinking, reasoning and language skills are hardwired into our brains by the age of three, so providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for young children is critical for their success later in life.

Today there are 1,288 children under the age of six in Coös County

What if we could reach each one of those children, starting with pregnancy, and provide them with the latest in-home parenting support, consistent health and mental health care and access to high quality childcare and preschool programs?

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